Suggested books, articles, videos and podcasts in preparation for the March 9th, 2009 Professional Development day at Casti

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Library 2.0 (Conlon)

Related Books:

_LibraryThing.png width="118" height="186" align="left" link=""Hot Flat and Crowded - Thomas Friedman (Casti Library)
_LibraryThing.png width="117" height="175" align="left" link=""Here Comes Everybody: The Power of Organizing without Organizations - Clay Shirky

_LibraryThing.png width="113" height="169" align="left"Global Achievement Gap - Tony Wagner (Casti Library and Tech Department Library)
Read Steve's excellent review of this at his blog by clicking here.
_LibraryThing.png width="115" height="169" align="left" link=""Learning commons : evolution and collaborative essentials - edited by Barbara Schader. Published: 2008 (Casti Library)
-an excellent collection of essays about the evolution and convergence of libraries and technology functions in academic environments.
_LibraryThing.png width="113" height="159" align="left" link=""Cult of the Amateur - Andrew Keen
A contrarian/counter perspective to the whole "Web 2.0" movement. While he overly pines for the days of yesteryear in much the same way that the horse and buggy manufacturers complained about the automobile and Henry Ford, Keen does provide a perspective that makes you take pause and consider what is happening in this new and messy world of user generated content.
_LibraryThing.png width="116" height="171" align="left"
Disrupting Class - Clayton Christensen (Casti Library)
_LibraryThing.png width="117" height="192" align="left"
Everything bad is good for you : how today's popular culture is actually making us smarter by Steven Johnson. 2006, but still a great read. (Casti Library)
_LibraryThing.png width="111" height="144" align="left" link=""
The dumbest generation : how the digital age stupefies young Americans and jeopardizes our future (or, don't trust anyone under 30) by Mark Bauerlein. (2008) Fun to contrast the Steven Johnson book with this cranky, but interesting work that makes some valid points about the superficiality of much online experience. (Casti Library)
_LibraryThing.png width="117" height="179" align="left"
The World is Flat - Thomas Friedman (Casti Library)
_LibraryThing.png width="107" height="159" align="left"A Whole New Mind - Dan Pink (Casti Library)
_LibraryThing.png width="109" height="162" align="left" link=""
College Unranked - Ending the College Admissions Frenzy
(Casti Library)
_LibraryThing.png width="108" height="163" align="left" link=""The Difference-How the Power of Diversity Creates Better Groups, Firms, Schools and Societies

Related Articles:

AT MIT, Large Lectures Are Going the Way of the Blackboard-NY Times
Scarsdale Adjusts to Life Without the Advanced Placement-NY Times
Whose Information Counts - Clarence Fisher, a middle school teacher in Canada

How to Bring our Schools out of the 20th Century - Time Magazine
Students Respond to the Time Magazine article above (be sure to read the comments)

Why Web 2.0 is the Future of Education (be sure to read the comments)- Steve Hargadon
More on What Wikis Teach us About Leadership - The Chronicle of Higher Ed's "Wired Campus" Blog

2009 Horizon Report - Annual report that details the latest trends in the area of technology and education

Internet Predator Stereotypes Debunked in New Study

Report: Biggest threat online to kids is other kids - Summary of recently completed study from Harvard's Berkement Center for Internet and Society. Click here to view the report in its entirety.
CREATING & CONNECTING-Research and Guidelines on Online Social and Educational Networking - NATIONAL SCHOOL BOARDS ASSOCIATION Report (this will load a PDF)

Independent Curriculum Group - This is a consortium of schools (mostly independent schools) that has moved beyond AP classes/AP test track as a means to provide students with the opportunity for an even richer learning environment. Peruse this site and read the school stories.

Related Videos:

Karl Fisch's "Did You Know 2.0" Video

Interactive Teaching of Physics at Harvard

Media Literacy with Michael Wesch (66 Minutes)

A Vision of Students Today by Michael Wesch (4 mins 45 sec)

Sir Ken Robinson's TED Talk, "Do Schools Kill Creativity?" (18 mins)

The Networked Student by Wendy Drexler (Independent School Teacher in Florida)

Pay Attention (7 min 45 sec)

Using Social Media to Define the New Humanities Classroom from Antonio Viva on Vimeo.
Antonio Viva, Associate Head of School at Worcester School,
and his creative writing class (90 mins)

Sir Ken Robinson's February talk to the Royal Society for the Encouragement of the Arts on his new book, "The Element." (39 mins)

Audio Podcasts

Manitoba Morning Radio Interview with AP Calc Teacher, Darren Kuropatwa