Session II


Rethinking Assessment

Facilitator: Denise Pope
Affiliation: Stanford Challenge Success Program
Location: Room 13 (MS History 6)
Audience: 9-12
Description: Using current research on how girls learn, examine your current principles and practices of assessment, and then redesign assessments to reflect your findings.
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Rethinking Learning Differences

Facilitator: Ericka Fur
Affiliation: Stanford STEP instructor; Castilleja Learning Specialist
Location: Room 11 (MS Math)
Audience: 6-8
Description: Learn to foster the unique gifts atypical learners bring to the collaborative classroom.
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Defining "Interdisciplinary"

Facilitator: Rick Reis
Affiliation: Stanford University Center for Teaching and Learning
Location: Room 12 (MS English)
Description: Contribute to the formation of Castilleja's working definition of Interdisciplinary by designing a set of criteria to evaluate a sampling of interdisciplinary programs, courses, projects, and assessments already in use at the Stanford undergraduate level.
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Design Challenge with IDEO

Facilitator: Sandy Speicher
Affiliation: IDEO
Location: Faculty lounge area on third floor of the Arillaga building
Audience: 6-12
Description: Put yourself in the place of a 21st century learner. Work with a team of IDEO designers and engage in a project to solve a unique and undisclosed problem.
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The Difference - Student Diversity Panel

Facilitator: Student Diversity Leadership Panel - Grace Chen, Sonali Mehta, Mia Taper, Griselda Carlos-Azarte
Affiliation: Castilleja
Location: Room 10 (MS History 7)
Audience: 6-12
Description: Castilleja student leaders share their idea for how to use "difference" to create more inclusive and collaborative advisories and classrooms.
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Connecting with the World - The Gator Radio Experience- CANCELLED

Facilitator: Gator Radio Experience Project Team Members
Affiliation: Castilleja
Audience: 6-12
Description: Hear members of the Gator Radio Experience share their experiences of connecting with individuals from Tokyo to Washington DC and many places in between. Consider the possibilities of bringing similar connections to your students.